Duda Made In Italy

Who we are

Duda is a clothing wholesale designed for every type of business operating in the fashion sector.

Distribution of knitwear and women's clothing

Our wholesale was born and specialized over the years in the research and distribution of knitwear and women's clothing . Now our horizons have gone as far as the customer asked us to, even with contradictions but never beyond the limits imposed by the saleability of the product.

Our work is first and foremost research and selection of the best Italian fast fashion products and therefore absolutely made in Italy

Thirty years of experience

With more than thirty years of experience in clothing wholesale, we wanted to offer the same service via the web with the same philosophy that has accompanied us thus far and with the same characteristics that have distinguished us.

Our B2B wants to be dynamic, competitive and always in the name of creative research.

New products every week

We offer new products weekly and re-propose the best-selling and restocked ones, we ensure that the customer, while always finding renewed goods , also has the possibility of getting back those items already had, avoiding unnecessary warehouse stocks.

We do not ask for a minimum purchase to help the customer renew his store's offer.

If you have a shop and if you are a clothing merchant, SIGN UP on our site and we will start the collaboration within 24 hours.